A portrait of the territory of Soliera (MO).

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A short documentary on the island of Stromboli and its inhabitants during the winter season.


Winter – Stromboli – There are just over 300 inhabitants on the island, or at least they should. Many of them, mainly mothers and children, had gone to follow the studies in Messina or Lipari – the schools here do not go beyond the third grade – and they come home for holidays or weekends….

This is a story about memory and resilience. Aurelia is a woman, a mother, a widow, a seamstress and a musician. She’s my grandmother. Last year she had an ischemic stroke that left her semi-paralyzed, then I decided I woud stand by her and be part of her life after the dramatic circumstance…                   

Malaysia annual output of bauxite ore has increased from over 200,000 tonnes in 2013 to nearly 20 million tonnes in 2015, becoming the world’s top producer and accounting for nearly half of the supply to China’s massive aluminium industry. Kuantan, the capital of Pahang, which has a largely unregulated bauxite mining…