Nicola Dipierro born in 1989, he lives in Puglia, near Bari.
He started to photograph in 2013.
He is interested in reportage and documentary photography, and works for commercial projects too.
From 2014 to 2016 he studied photography in Bari and attended workshops with Paolo Marchetti, Francesco Iodice, Renata Ferri, Enrico Bossan, Cesura, Marco Pinna, Alberto Giuliani, Giovanna Calvenzi and more.
Besides the commercial works, in the last two years he’s been following the events around the ILVA in Taranto and, in 2016 produced a personal story, Aurelia, which was finalist at “Foto Leggendo” in Rome and awarded at the International Photography Award. Since 2017 he works on a personal project on the island of Stromboli. He collaborates whit L’Espresso, Repubblica, Marie Claire and Slideluck Editorial.